Hiring Montana Lines in Great Falls or Bozeman, MT Is a Bright Idea

Hiring Montana Lines in Great Falls or Bozeman, MT Is a Bright Idea

We provide traffic signal, runway lighting or streetlight services

For decades, Montana Lines Inc. has been installing standard and decorative streetlights, traffic signals and runway lighting in the Bozeman and Great Falls, MT area. Public and private clients alike trust us for traffic signal, runway lighting and streetlight services knowing we follow rigorous safety and quality standards.

When you choose us for your streetlight, traffic signal or runway lighting installation, our crew will...

  • Excavate and lay the concrete foundation
  • Install buried electrical conduit
  • Erect light poles

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We're well-equipped for your lighting project

Here's what to expect when you choose Montana Lines for...

  • Streetlight services-in addition to streetlights, we can install banner arms, decorative electrical outlets and irrigation driplines for hanging vegetation.
  • Traffic signal installation services-Montana Lines is known throughout the Great Falls and Bozeman, MT area as an expert in horizontal directional drilling, crane rigging and intersection flow. We can repair or modify existing traffic signals for any reason.
  • Runway lighting installation services-our crew will install regulators, runway end identifier lights (REILs), medium intensity approach lighting systems with runway alignment indicator lights (MALSRs), precision approach path indicator systems (PAPIs), threshold lighting or beacons.

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