No Construction Project Is Too Challenging for Montana Lines

No Construction Project Is Too Challenging for Montana Lines

Ask about our megaload support services in Great Falls or Bozeman, MT

Without careful planning and quick execution, many municipalities can be left with destroyed infrastructure due to oversize loads. Montana Lines Inc. won't let this happen in your community. We're based in Bozeman and Great Falls, Montana, and we offer megaload support services throughout the state.

We can dismantle and reassemble...

  • Traffic signals
  • Overhead bridge signs
  • Span wire-mounted lights

Our goal is to ensure the safe passage of oversized commercial trucks with minimal traffic disruptions. Just see what a recent client had to say about our overnight megaload support services: "We didn't know you or the signals were even there."

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Need roadway construction services?

In addition to megaload support, Montana Lines offers the following roadway construction services:

  • Vertical shaft drilling-using a L┼ŹDril auger, we can drill shafts up to 54" wide and 40' deep. Trust our experienced crew to navigate under overpasses and overhead power lines safely.
  • Rotator structure installation-if oversized trucks frequently pass through your community, consider installing rotating traffic signals, overhead signs or span wire flashers. We've worked with engineers, the Montana Department of Transportation and a leading pole manufacturer to develop these specialty structures.
  • Horizontal drilling-Montana Lines can install utility conduit under roads, streams and structures without disturbing the ground above.

Contact Montana Lines today to schedule any of these roadway construction services in the Great Falls or Bozeman, MT area.